Savior (1998) - Film  from OhFortunae

Savior (1998) - Film from OhFortunae

Year: 2018
Authors: OhFortunae
Post: Admin
0 seconds 720 A movie which portrays the frictional Balkan wars.The main character: His family got killed by Islamic terrorism; to escape the law and to have his own revenge continuing, he sides with the Serbs against the other Balkan countries, of which a few have Muslim populations.This movie is so personal to me, as it had such a decisive impact on me as a teen. That it, - next to the great moments in my life and some great works of philosophy and allegoric literature that I have read, - shaped me and my world view in a very impressionate manner, which will remain with me to the end.Though, from my love for Serbia back then, I now have a love for all the Balkan peoples and cultures. Comments:
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